HQ-Creative is a full-service creative agency and production company. Founded by emmy-awarding winning creative director, Mitchell Stuart and award-winning documentarian, Cheryl Halpern, they head a team of passionate creative professionals dedicated to the success of our client's goals.

We create impactful branded content and groundbreaking digital series for companies, designed for the platforms in which content is distributed and consumed today.

Our passion and excellence in creating socially conscious documentaries and engaging cause-related campaigns are equally paramount in our DNA.

HQ-Creative brings your goals to fruition with an authentic and honest voice providing clients' a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We are Storytellers for brands and purposes.


We collaborate

We collaborate

With startups to find their voice. We team with established brands to revitalize their relevance in the digital and mobile marketplace. Your goals become our mission.


We Produce

Content-driven marketing solutions which connect with your targeted demographic.


We Crush

Expectations with measurable results that impact the bottom line.


We Have Fun

Sharing the creative journey together.
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