Brain Aneurysm Foundation

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Brain Aneurysm Foundation Nice to Meet You PSA 90 Second
Brain Aneurysm Foundation   Nice to Meet You PSA 90 Second
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As a creative agency for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, HQC is privileged to create not just the original viral content, but also to develop and implement a strategic, targeted viral marketing campaign for the best and most efficient achievement of the Foundation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The combination of strong, original, and gripping content combined with reaching the correct demographic drew unprecedented viewership and awareness for the foundation.

“Pleased to Meet You” is a short, visually impactful black-and-white narrative film showed the audience of more than 250,000 viewers the warning signs for Brain Aneurysms.

“Ellie’s Story,” a short inspirational documentary narrated by Ellie Helton’s parents and young sisters celebrates Ellie’s full but tragically cut short life, while touching hearts and educating the viewers. The film captures Ellie Helton’s spirit and establishes her legacy; to help save others from experiencing a similar tragedy by sharing information and creating awareness.

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